Log house construction


The easy way to build log houses! SB 420

The easy way to build log houses! The SB 420 produces rounded logs, ready for construction of log houses. Its solid and robust construction ensures stability of processing and quality of its products. It uses two milling heads with 13 kW motors, which are the guarantee for high speed of processing.

This all in one machine includes the following functions:

  • Rounding of logs
  • Milling of cross grooves for cross joining of logs
  • Milling of longitudinal grooves for longitudinal joining of logs
  • Drilling of drill-holes for binding of logs
  • Production of specially shaped pillars (option)


  1. Controls with electronic measuring
  2. Two vices for clamping and rotation of logs
  3. Double lifting device for positioning of logs
  4. Cross milling head
  5. Longitudinal milling head
  6. Double drilling machine
  7. Belt conveyor for waste mounted inside or underneath the machine
  8. Longitudinal circular saw to release tension in wood (option)
  9. Additional milling head for production of pillars (option)
  10. In-feed and out-feed conveyors (option)

The SBO 350 is an addition to the SB 420

For additional possibilities in log house construction! The SBO 350 is an addition to the SB 420 for customers who want to be more flexible in construction and process rounded logs additionally. After processing rounded logs on the SB 420, additional secondary processing can be done on the SBO 350.


  • cross cutting of rounded logs (adjustable angle: 45°-90°)
  • milling of cross grooves with ( adjustable angle: 45°-90°)
  • milling of grooves for installation of windows
  • drilling of drill-holes for binding of logs or for electrical installations
  • milling of rectangular grooves (option)

Max. log diameter:600 mm/
Max. diameter of rounded logs420 mm350 mm
Min. diameter of rounded logs130 mm130 mm
Max. log length:9000 mmunlimited
Min. log length:1500 mm1500 mm
Power of milling heads:2 x 13 kW13 kW & 5,5 kW
Total power:44,5 kW27,5 kW
Approximate weight:5300 kg2500 kg
Total width:2100 mm2400 mm
Total height:2350 mm2200 mm
Total length:13500 mm4600 mm + 8000 mm