Sawing lines

Optimal design for your needs! We at Mebor provide complete custom designed sawing lines for small and large band saw mills. With our personal experience in sawmilling and technology, we can help you improve your production. When designing a sawing line, we have the following goals: productivity and automation, quality of sawn wood, minimised operation and labour costs, flexibility, reasonable price, efficient use of space, simple operation etc. All our sawing lines are quick to install, as they do not require special foundations. What are you requirements? Our Mebor experts will advise you and prepare a design for your production! Send us a question.




Jindivick timber in Australia

Project example: Jindivick timber in Australia

Minimum labour costs and quality oriented! This sawing line for hardwoods was custom designed to be flexible and quality oriented. Some components are additionally reinforced to easily handle the heavy hardwood. The design allows the operators to select the best sizes according to quality. This gives Jindivick timber a higher quality product and naturally more profit.


Company Sia Tezei in Latvia

Project example: Company Sia Tezei in Latvia

Up to 240 m3 in an 8h shift! Company Sia Tezei is using 6 Mebor HTZ 1200 SP Plus high speed band saws. Each one of them cuts up to 40 m3/8h. Sia Tezei is cutting softwood logs 300-500 mm in diameter. With the innovative positioning of machines, the space requirement is minimised. This sawing line is a practical proof of how productive the Mebor Plus Band Saws® are.

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